was founded in response to the war, terrorism, injustice, and refugee crises that have plagued the Middle East, and the world at large. In a world driven by realpolitik, most information/media entities are but a mirror of self-serving political perspectives and objectives. This often leaves the vulnerable in conflict zones and within societies of rigid unjust laws at the mercy of the powers that be. Those who suffer most from biased media reports are minorities, women, children, the elderly, and the falsely accused. We recognize there are times when resorting to violence is unavoidable: such as in the case of personal protection from imminent attack; or to defend an ongoing attack against loved ones; or to defend our nation against an invader. However, in many, if not most cases, we believe there is a route, which, if taken, will avoid the necessity of violence and ensure a just end without resort to violence. We believe that education of the right people concerning relevant issues is the critical key to turning a potentially violent situation to a peaceful resolution.


PFI's primary mission is to help empower the local cinema and theatre via filmmaking and acting course for children and adults; screenings of local and art-house films; holding forums and discussions with filmmakers and experts; and hosting of film festivals and other film-related events. This is all done under the roof of our Peace Film Center in the region's capital, Erbil.

We believe that through the art of filmmaking, theater, and other forms of self-expression we can promote peace and coexistence and in turn combat aggression and violence in conflict zones. We also believe in the arts as an essential part of cultural identity and film as a means to relate one’s culture and stories to the world.

While our school is for everyone, we are placing a special focus on the underprivileged communities and among the refugees and internally displaced families. We will enroll creative and artistically inclined children and teenagers from public schools and IDP camps through our student sponsorship program SaS (sponsor a star).

The youth who have the potential to be the artists and creative minds of the future will be guided and empowered through our meticulously crafted courses and hands-on workshops.

Our courses include:

  • Acting for children ages 6-15
  • Acting for youth
  • Acting for adults
  • Screenplay writing (Course details)
  • Film directing
  • Production management
  • Still camera and photo journalism
  • Videography (Cinematography)
  • Video editing, Visual effects, animation
  • Graphic design
  • Public Speaking



PFI's traveling Cine-Caravan consists of a specially designed truck with back projection and protruding screen. This cinema on wheels has been used extensively to showcase family-oriented educational and entertaining films at the IDP camps in region.

The mobile is now undergoing some tuning up and a new paint job in preparation for the coming year. In addition to screening at camps, our plan for 2019 also includes screenings in villages and in public schools across the region. Our purpose for such screenings is manifold: to provide cinema to segments of the society that have been deprived of the silver screen experience; to educate the public through educational films that will accompany our main features; and to help create a film culture in the region starting with elementary and secondary schools.



International Peace Film Festival - IPFF 2019

Our first annual international human rights film festival is underway (May. 12-16, 2019) in the region’s capital, Erbil. The festival theme is Living Together in Peace to coincide with the first anniversary of the UN General Assembly's 'International Day of Living Together in Peace' (May 16). Our selection criteria are fictional films, documentaries, and short films about human rights issues and films that promote peace and coexistence. Along with screenings of films from across the Globe, IPFF will also present a set of panel discussions with filmmakers and human rights activists. IPFF will serve as a bridge between local filmmakers and the world film community and help introduce foreign filmmakers to the crisis particular to the region.

CLICK HERE for festival rules and guidelines.

Daughters of the Peacock Angel

A film project illuminating the plight of thousands of Yezidi women who were raped and tortured by ISIS, over 3000 remain in slavery in unknown locations. The goal is to raise International awareness, see the slaves freed, the mentally and physically injured restored, and the perpetrators of this horrific genocide brought to Justice and to prevent them from committing any future atrocities.

We consider ourselves the voice of a people without any other effective means to make their issues a part of the public discussion. Our focus is on humanitarian issues and the injustices that so many endure with no apparent redress.
We are the “Voice of the Voiceless.

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